De Imme in "De Weerribben"


By bicycle, boat of on food
‘De Imme’ is located in the heart of ‘de Weerribben’ and can be reached by bike, boat or on food. From Ossenzijl as well as from Kalenberg it is about 2,5 km walking/cycling over the path along the ‘Kalenbergergracht’. De Imme’ is located between kilometre marker 10 en 11. For motor boats there is a landing stage, for rowing boats there is a safe harbour and for bicyles a lockable shed.  

Car or motor
For guests who arrive by car or motor there is a private car parking on the Forest Service (Staatsbosbeheer) grounds in Kalenberg. We wiill pick you up with our electric boat. After a ten minutes boat trip through ‘de Weerribben’ you will arrive at ‘de Imme’. Call us half an hour before arrival at the car parking. We will be present with the boat when you arrive. During your stay, we have bicycles available for free transportation to your car and the villages nearby.

Address car parking: Staatsbosbeheer (Forest Service de Weerribben), Kalenberg Noord 2, 8377 HC Kalenberg. Located at the end of a cul de sac, Attention! The tom-tom doesn’t always work well in Kalenberg.

Public transport form Steenwijk to Ossenzijl
Bus 76 direction Marknesse-Emmeloord drives during daytime ones per hour from monday t/m friday. The bus stops in Ossenzijl. See  After the bus ride you can walk to ‘de Imme’ or or be picked up by boat
Do you want to walk? Take the path along the Kalenbergergracht (name: Motorkade, and later  Oudeweg). The starting point is Restaurant Kolkzicht. From this restaurant you walk 2.5 km along the canal towards Kalenberg. 
Do you want to be picked up by boat? Call us half an hour before arriving in Ossenzijl. We will be present with the boat at the following address: Landing stage Restaurant “De Drie Musketiers”, Hoofdstraat 23, 8376 HC Ossenzijl.

Plattegrond De Imme De Tille Ossenzijl Kalenberg met tekst 2 lr

In the evening and in the weekend there is no public transport. In consultation we can offer you a transportservice (base rate € 6 / rate per kilometer € 0,50).

When you drive with taxi (0900-6798294) give the driver the following address: Kalenberg Noord 6a, 8377 HC Kalenberg. We pick you up there with the boat. Call us half an hour before arrival. We will be present with the boat when you arrive.